What is CrossFit?

Move Well, Live Well

We strive to foster and improve health and community through ever-improving fitness and nutrition in a wholesome, safe, and welcoming environment.

The Community

CrossFit Tempest relies on a positive community environment of small group classes combined with intensive coaching that creates a community, allowing members to help each other grow and obtain their goals.

Handling Life’s Challenges

CrossFit Tempest prepares members for both the known and unknown physical demands of everyday life by specializing in not specializing and doing the common uncommonly well.


CrossFit Tempest utilizes the CrossFit methodology of performing constantly varied functional movements at high intensity combined with nutritional guidance to help members achieve their maximum fitness.

How Do We Know It’s Working?

CrossFit Tempest utilizes data, scoring, and adherence to standards to help members measure, observe, repeat, and improve their results.

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